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Church StaffUnder-Shepherd/Elder Eric Peterman has been enjoying the blessings and challenges of teaching, growing, and caring for the body of Christ in rural ministry (Mendocino County) since 1989.

In considering his life as a believer in Christ, Eric muses, Aside from recognizing my own name, my earliest reading memory was this passage (at right) at the front of you-are-not-your-ownPeninsula Bible Church. Ray Stedman would preach, John Fischer would play guitar, and I would try to figure out what those words meant. I’ve come to the realization that my entire life has been about coming to understand what those words mean. The rest is just details.”

His early spiritual formation in his youth was under the ministry of Ray Stedman, Dave Roper and Ron Ritchie at Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, and as an adult under Dr. Robert Graves at Santa Rosa Bible Church, where he obtained his ordination in 1989, and from where he was sent to Valley Bible Fellowship.

Eric-Dave-KarlFor 23 years (1989 to 2012) he ministered alongside his co-pastors/elders, including Dave Kooyers and Karl Poppelreiter as teaching pastor/elder at Valley Bible Fellowship in Boonville, California. Eric maintains a close relationship with VBF.

He brings the latest archaeological, historical and geographic scholarship to bear in teaching. This illumines the intent original author for his readers, energizes the text, and engages the audience.

Enjoying teaching and interacting with believers at regional and local conferences/retreats, Pastor Peterman brings the latest archaeological, historical and geographic scholarship to bear in teaching to illumine the intent and historical, cultural and geographic context of the original author and his readers, to energize the text, and to thoroughly engage the audience.

Eric has spoken nationally and regionally and for the Conservative Theological Society and his papers and articles are published in the Conservative Theological Journal, the journal Imperium Testamentum, and online. He has been contributing author to several pastoral and theological books, including A Pastor’s Manual on Doing Church, and the chapter on the role of the pastor as teacher for the book, Evangelical Bible Doctrine.

A pastors manual on doing churchHis formal Biblical training was at Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute in Dallas/Ft. Worth, with an emphasis in the Biblical languages, exegesis and pulpit exposition. Eric has served as Dean of Administration at Tyndale, and as the online editor for The Conservative Theological Society

 Eric_Wilette_Dunsmuir_smallEric, his wife, Wilette, and two teen daughters reside in Redwood Valley, California. He enjoys researching and collecting ancient Bibles and other ancient Christian manuscripts.
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His ministry motto comes from Patrick of Ireland – 5th century,

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.

Curriculum Vitae – Practical Life Experience: Assoc-Science, and Electronics Technology degrees, with minors in business law and accounting. In the ’80’s, he was a Senior Systems Technician in the semiconductor fab as well as the electronic weight industries, serving Intel, Motorola, Israeli Defense Forces, the USPS, United and American Airlines. For a decade he was founder and president of Fusion Technik, a database development firm (1987-1997). He has also been a turkey farmer and licensed timber operator, including CAT D-7 and log loader operations. He values the worship of God in hard work and appreciates what it takes for Christians to be faithful followers and lights of Jesus in the modern workplace. He presently serves and has served as a director on several non-profit and educational boards where he puts his corporate law and accounting training to good use.

Member – Board of Directors, Scripture Reader, Audio/Recording Tech, Tim Bradford. USAF, Retired -Technical Sergeant Timothy Bradford,  – served in Lebanon, Libya, Tim-Bradford-smileGrenada, Panama, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Tim was formerly the camp resident Scout at Boy-Scout Camp Navarro, and he and his wife Gloria attended Valley Bible Fellowship during that time. He remains active with his wife, Gloria, in Scouting leadership and is our liaison to Troop 316, hosted at GBF’s campus.

Tim serves the Lord as a member of the board of directors of GBF with a focus on financial matters, as a Scripture Reader for our worship service, and he runs our sound booth/audio, visual, and records the sermons for us.


Member – Board of Directors, Prayer Leader, Rick Crownover.


Rick is our prayer leader, pointing us to the Triune God and praying that He be glorified in the song, teaching, prayer and fellowship in the Word in our worship services.

He and his wife Ludi are active in several ministries in GBF, and Rick uses his technical skills in the maintenance of our facilities.

As a board director, Rick’s joy in his salvation and heartfelt appreciation for the grace of God guide his input and decisions and help keep the board focused on spiritual matters.




Member – Board of Directors, ex officio, Dave Kooyers.
Dave-KooyersBecause of his experience as a pastor/elder, and long-term ministry with pastor/elder Eric Peterman at Valley Bible Fellowship in Boonville, Dave serves on the GBF board as an advisor and consultant, ex officio.

Dave’s willingness to serve along with his godly and practical wisdom and Biblical knowledge are appreciated by the board.

We are identified with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and heavenly seating.

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