iDeclare 2018 – Teen Bible Conference

iDeclare 2018 – Teen Bible Conference

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When: August 17th, (3-9pm), 18th, (8:30am-7pm).

Meals served: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks/beverages.

Purpose: To equip, encourage and challenge Christian teens of Mendocino and Lake counties to grow in their knowledge, love, and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace Bible Fellowship is hosting the second annual iDeclare teen Bible conference! Join other teens from Mendocino and Lake counties to know God’s Word!

Ages: This is an engaging, fairly intense conference and requires the participants to be thoroughly engaged in learning, listening, and interacting on serious topics. It is appropriate for a pretty together 12 or 13 year old up through 20.

Theme: The Scriptures! Seeing God, ourselves and the chaos of this world in light of the Scriptures.

Explore what they are, how we got them, their authority and reliability, their power, and how to read and interpret them!

Changes for 2018: Per participant suggestions we’ve:

  1. Designed a practicuma guided hands-on session on how to approach and accurately interpret a passage of scripture to find it’s meaning, and then apply it correctly.
  2. Started a couple hours earlier on Friday, and Extended the Saturday schedule to 7pm to include dinner and a final teaching session/discussion.
  3. Opened up a two hour time-slot Saturday mid-afternoon for fellowship, personal discussion, various games, shave-ice. Saturday afternoon’s pace is now is more active, then restful, then active, to help everyone be rejuvenated for the evening session.

Program/Schedule of Events

Friday-Saturday (Aug 17-18)

Schedule of events


3:00pm Arrive – Registration


Get-Acquainted Games

Mike Moody

3:45-5:30 Session 1: What are the Scriptures? Just what is the Bible?

3:45-4:00 Welcome/Orientation

4:00-4:20 Worship in song/Scripture reading

4:20-5:00 Session 1 Speaker – Mike Moody

5:00-5:20 Discussion breakout

5:20-6:30 Free time, then Dinner

Tony Arnds

6:30-8:00 Session 2: Where did we get the scriptures? Their history

6:30-6:45 Welcome/announcements

6:45-7:05 Worship in song/Scripture reading

7:10-7:50 Session 2 Speaker – Tony Arnds

7:50-8:20 Discussion breakout

8:20-9:00 Free time, Dessert/coffee/tea


8:30-9:15 Breakfast

9:15-10:20 Session 3: How do we interpret the Bible? How do we approach it to read, study, understand and apply it?

9:15-9:20 Welcome/announcements

Eric Peterman Pastor
Eric Peterman

9:20-9:40 Worship in song/Scripture reading

9:40-10:20 Session 3 Speaker – Eric Peterman

10:20-10:50 Discussion breakout


10:50-11:30 Games

11:30-12:15 Lunch

12:15-1:15 Practicum

12:15-12:45 Part I – Practicum, Hands-on, How to approach and interpret a passage of scripture <<

12:45-1:15 Part II – Practicum, Hands-on, How to approach and interpret a passage of scripture <<

1:15-2:00 Discussion breakout

2:00-4:00 Fellowship time, games, shave-ice, Snacks/coffee/tea

Malachi Moody

4:00-4:50 Q&A Session – All pastors & youth ministers on the grill!

4:50-5:40 Dinner

5:40-6:50 Session 4 –Why do the scriptures matter: How do they impact our view of God, ourselves and the chaos of this world.

5:40-6:00 Worship in song/Scripture reading

6:00-6:45 Session 4 Speaker – Malachi Moody

6:45-7:00 Discussion breakout





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