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Who Are the 24 Elders in Revelation?

What is Maundy Thursday?


  • A Primary Purpose of Preaching is to Produce Cognitive Dissonance. Undershepherd/Elder Eric Peterman.

    Have you ever thought about what the primary goal of preaching the gospel, and teaching the scriptures is? How about your reason for listening to it?

    This article helps us understand what the scriptures are, what they’re for, how we are to think about their preaching and teaching, how the Spirit uses them for our growth and good, and how to faithfully approach selecting or even remaining in a church fellowship to invest our lives in.

  • An Anchor for the Soul, Hebrews 6:13-20, anchor-linkUndershepherd/Elder Eric Peterman. Written as a representative of the Conservative Theological Society as a contribution to the theological journal, Testamentum Imperium, Volume 1, Eternal Security.

  • Pastor Candidate Questions. This is a useful list of illuminating questions that some of us at several churches have developed together to ask prospective elders/pastors. It is not exhaustive, but it should prove helpful to search committees, churches considering promoting someone to pastor/elder, and to candidates in their own personal development.

  • The Pastor-Teacher Role, Undershepherd/Elder Eric Peterman. The document is a chapter in the book Eric Peterman-co-AuthorEvangelical Bible Doctrine (700+pages), forward by Dr. Paige Patterson. Kindle version available here. The book is a collection of significant theological issues and perspectives as they impact the church in the 21st century. It is being written in honor of the ministry of Dr. Mal Couch (now with his savior, having finished his race in this world due to cancer), the founder of Tyndale Theologican Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.
    Contributors include: H Wayne House, Norm Geisler, John C Whitcomb, Paige Patterson, Kenny Rhodes, John Pappas, Andy Woods, Don Miller, George Gunn, Charles Ray, Steve Spurlin, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, William Luck, Keith Sherlin, Jeff Helsop, Dan Woodhead, Timothy Demy, David Santos, Russell Penney, Eric Peterman, Bobby Hayes, Vern Peterman

  • Knowing God’s Will with Certainty. Are you wanting to know God’s will for your life, or are you confused about how to discern it? Is your church praying for God to reveal his special will for them before they take action? Are you a young person hoping to stay within God’s will for your life?

  • The Right Idea, Wrong Text. This is a series of short articles on very minds-conflictingcommon axioms or truisms, in our evangelical circles that make a somewhat true statement. However, they do so based on misusing a verse or a snip of one in the wrong way and out of context so as to obscure or obliterate the Biblical author’s intended meaning. These axioms become a sort of evangelical magisterial tradition that rules over and against the actual meaning of the texts.

Commonly Misused Verses. A series of commonly misused, or out of context verses. We’ve gone through this series in our Sunday School.

  • Wringing the Scrawny Neck of a Verse
  • “For where two or three gather in my name” and “If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for.” (Matthew 18:19-20) Coming soon.
  • The Resurrections – A Powerpoint Presentation on the resurrections of various believer groups at various times (all called “the first resurrection” as a classification), as well as unbelievers of all ages at the Great White Throne Judgment. Eric developed this in 2003 for presentation at The Conservative Theological Society meeting, and it’s part of his Foundations series of Powerpoints.

The events of the Messiah’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection

History, Church history

  • The catholicity of premillennialism among the apostolic and sub-apostolic churches and fathers. You often hear that the belief in premillennialism is a recent invention and that the historic view is amillennialism or even postmillennialism. The article above shows that’s not true at all! Premillennial eschatology, that the 2nd coming of Christ is followed by 1,000 years of Christ’s glorious reign on the earth, centered in Jerusalem, with the glorified saints, was in fact the universal faith of the apostolic and sub-apostolic church! In other words, it was part of catholicity.
  • How long were the Israelites in Egypt? The challenge of harmonizing theegypt-nile-statues various passages on the length of time the Israelites were in Egypt has created much heat and some light over the years, and there are some good solutions, some so-so, and some very not good ones as well. Plainly, since the Scriptures are inerrant, being verbally plenary inspired, the Scriptures are right and the apparent difficulty is with us and not the Bible. This is part of the joy of wrestling with the Bible – coming to understand it by subduing our own biases and ignorance. This Scriptural textual solution at Answers in Genesis, combined with important introductory and Egyptian chronology notes by Eric Peterman, provides one good way of viewing and solving the harmonization challenge.
  • Should we call it “Easter”? question-cartoon
  • Magi at the Manger? Our traditional manger scenes, both as creches and in contemporary/popular artwork, have three unaccompanied Magi/Wise Men at the manger scene on the night Jesus was born. The star is right there hovering over the stable. But is that true? Is that how the Bible and history place them and their arrival? Not even close.

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