God is not a conclusion

God is not a conclusion

“We should present the biblical God, not merely as the conclusion to an argument, but as the one who makes argument possible” – John Frame

Friends, here’s what this means: We do not argue to God as a possible conclusion to be accepted or rejected. Proofs for God’s existence are not needed. Such an idea is laughable, like a dot deciding if the pencil that made it exists. God is not in the dock, to be judged or approved of by us, and evidence for and against His existence subject to evaluation by us.

As creatures of the un-created, sovereign God, we can’t even begin to think, really think, without first acknowledging that thinking itself is a gift imbued by God, and is by Him actively and moment by moment enabled in its operations and workings. From Him the mind’s faculties, truth categories and the stuff of this created and owned universe obtain their power.

All great thinking begins with God as the presupposition. All other thinking borrows or steals from God’s truth to make its ragged, haggard independence appear to function.

-Eric Peterman

We are identified with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and heavenly seating.

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