Biblical Archaeology and History Mini-Conference

Biblical Archaeology and History Mini-Conference

Mini-Conference on Biblical Archaeology and History

A multi-media presentation.

There’s nothing to bring out the reality and meaning of a Bible text better than placing a Biblical event, passage or person in their cultural, historical and geographic context. That’s exactly what Tom Meyer does. You’ll see the Bible with fresh eyes and perspective.

Please join us in exploring the background of God’s written Word!

When: January 19th, 12pm-3pm. Three sessions, 50 minutes each.

Where: Grace Bible Fellowship,
642 Ellen Lynn St., Redwood Valley, CA.

Cost: No cost, there will be an offering taken to support Prof. Meyer’s ministry.

Pre-Registration: None is necessary, but we do appreciate knowing you’re coming and approximately how many are in your party or group.

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About our speaker: Tom Meyer has served as a professor since 2010 at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, his alma mater,  where he earned his BA in Bible and Theology, has lived in Israel, achieving two M.A. degrees at Jerusalem University College. He’s the author of numerous books on Bible memorization, Bible Archaeology, and Theology. Tom’s books on Bible memory show how to succeed in memorizing the Bible and illustrate the benefits it has on the Christian walk.

Tom is president and founder of Wordsower Ministries, dedicated to promoting and developing training materials on memorizing the scriptures.

He’s had broad, popular coverage in various media and news stories.


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